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“The Tetragrammaton in Paleo-Hebrew (10th century BCE to 135 CE), old Aramaic (10th century BCE to 4th century CE) and square Hebrew (3rd century BCE to present) scripts.

The term tetragrammaton (from Greek τετραγράμματον, meaning "four letters")[1][2] refers to the Hebrew theonym (Hebrew: יהוה) transliterated to the Latin letters YHWH. It is derived from a verb that means "to be",[1] and is considered in Judaism to be a proper name of the God of Israel used in the Hebrew Bible.

The most widely accepted pronunciation of the Tetragrammaton (YHWH) is Yahweh, though Jehovah is used in many Bibles, but in few modern ones. The Samaritans understood the pronunciation for the Tetragrammaton to be Iabe. Some patristic sources give evidence to a Greek pronunciation Iao.[3]

As Jews are forbidden to say or write the Tetragrammaton in full, when reading the Torah they use the term Adonai.[3 ]  Christians do not have any prohibitions on vocalizing the Tetragrammaton; in most Christian translations of the Bible, "LORD" is used in place of the Tetragrammaton after the Hebrew Adonai, and is written with small capitals (or in all caps) to distinguish it from other words translated "Lord".”



Polat Kaya:  This background information has words that are extremely important from the Turkish point of view. For example, the terms Tetragrammaton, Torah, Iao, Iabe and Adonai are the ones that are most enlightening. First let us understand this Greek term Tetragrammaton which is said to mean “four letters”. 


Timewise, the term BCE is the abbreviation for Before the Common/Current/Christian Era (an alternative to Before Christ, abbreviated BC).  Thus the 10thcentury BCE means the beginning of the first millennium B.C., that is, 3000 years ago.


a)  When the word TETRAGRAMMATON is deciphered by rearranging its letters as “ER-ANM-TORT-TAMGA”, I find that this so-called Greek and Aramaic term TETRAGRAMMATON is actually an altered, restructured and Hellenized form of the Turkish expression “ER NAMI ‘DÖRT DAMGA’” meaning “his personal name is ‘four letters’”.


Turkish word ER means “man, person”, NAMI (ADI, ANI) means “the name”, DÖRT means “four” and DAMGA means “symbol, letter, seal”. 


This decipherment of the term Tetragrammaton in Turkish is most revealing because of the fact that it gives us an exact correspondence in meaning and lettering. This cannot be due to coincidence unless someone used Turkish as the source language in “engineering” the term Tetragrammaton some 3000 years ago!


Those “four letters” (i.e., “dört damga” in Turkish) referred to in the word TETRAGRAMMATON have been transliterated into Latin letters as YHWH. In Judaism, it is said that these four letters are considered as a proper name of the God of Israel used in the Hebrew Bible. 


Clearly, when the Greeks and so-called “Hebrews” were fabricating the term TETRAGRAMMATON some 3000 years ago from present, the Turkish language was not only present but also was the most developed and widely used language of the world!  If Turks and the Turkish language were not present in Anatoliaand the Middle East some 3000 years ago - as western “scholars” claim, then, how is it possible to get this exact correspondence in Turkish hidden in the format of this Greek term TETRAGRAMMATON? The answer is that Turks and Turkish were present 3000 years ago and much much earlier.  Evidently, some people have been lying to us! Undeniably, the Aryan Greeks and the Aramaic Semites have collaborated together in fabricating this term called TETRAGRAMMATON from Turkish.


At this point I would also like to point out that the Greek numeral name TETRA meaning “four” has also been made up from Turkish numeral name “DÖRT” meaning “four” - and TETRA has taken its meaning from this Turkish numeral name “DÖRT” meaning “four”!


Similarly, Greek GRAMMA gets its meaning from Turkish DAMGA!




b)  It is said that the most widely accepted pronunciation of the Tetragrammaton (YHWH) is Yahweh or Jehovah. It should be pointed out that both of these names are also made up from Turkish.  This we see when the name YAHWEH is deciphered as “AY-HWEH”.  AY-HWEH is the altered and restructured form of the Turkish expression “AY HAVA” meaning “Moon and Air”. Similarly, the name JEHOVAH also gives the name “AY HAVA”, where the letter J is a replacement for the letter Y or I - which is pronounced as “AY”.


This Turkish expression identifies two ancient Turkish divinities - one of which is the “moon”, that is, AY TANRI and the other being the Turkish word HAVA meaning “air” or “the sky”.   Of course, while HAVA (air) is most essential for life on earth, it is also the source of the air currents called “wind”. Thus, it secretly refers to the wind-god ENLIL, that is, the HANYEL in Turkish, that the ancient Semites (Israelites) believed as their god!




Torah, Iao, Iabe


c)  The supposedly Jewish term TORAH is noting but the altered form of the Turkish word “TÖRE” meaning “the law, the tradition, customs”.   So this so-called Jewish term is again from Turkish, but it is disguised and deceptively claimed as Semitic - which it was not!


d)  The term IAO is noting but the altered Turkish word “AI O” (AY O) meaning “it is Moon”.   So this term is again from Turkish, but it is disguised and deceptively claimed as Semitic - which it was not!


e)  When the term IABE is deciphered as “AI-BE”, I find that IABE is nothing but the altered and disguised form of the Turkish word “AY BEY” meaning “Moon Lord”.   So this term is again from Turkish, but it is disguised and deceptively claimed as Semitic - which it was not!


f)  And finally, when the term ADONAI is deciphered as “ADON-AI”, we find that it is nothing but the altered and Semitized form of the Turkish expression “ADIN AY” meaning “your name is Moon”.   So this term is again from Turkish, but it is disguised and deceptively claimed as Semitic - which it was not!


All these decipherments tell us that the four letters represented by the TETRAGRAMMATON - YHWH are the personification of the Moon and the Air (the Wind).  Of course this very essential fact has been kept ultra secret. This explains why they are forbidden to say or write this name!




So from all of these decipherments, we now know that these so-called Greek and Semitic terms (such as TETRAGRAMMATON or ADONAI or IAO) are all fabricated from Turkish at least some 3000 years ago.  Additionally, we now have a correct understanding of the basic “God” concept of this ancient Jewish religion – contrary to what we have been led to believe! In other words, the Semitic “God JEHOVA (YAHOVA) actually represents the personified Moon (that is, most likely the black Moon) and the personified Wind!  Interestingly, the English language has taken this one step further by incorporating this Turkish concept of the Moon (AY) with the English letter I (pronounced AY) and representing the personal pronoun for first person singular.  This means anyone saying “I” in English - meaning himself or herself - is actually esoterically referring to the Turkish Moon God - AY Tanri In addition, anyone saying “I am” in English is also esoterically saying the Turkish expression “AY’AM” (AY’IM) meaning “I am the Moon”, that is, “I am the moon believer”. 



With best wishes to all,


Polat Kaya