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Dear Friends,

1) The Hurrian "Hannahannah" meaning "Grandmother" is nothing
all meaning "mother's mother" which is "grandmother" even in present
day Turkish. Of course as a Goddess, she would be the first Mother
of all living beings, i.e., the creator mother. Hence she is also
"HAN ANA-ANA" meaning "Goddess Grandmother" in Turkish.

The ancient Turkic peoples had great respect for their ancestors.
It is clear that when Hurrians lived in the second and first millenium
B.C. in Eastern Anatolia and Mesopotamia, and used "Hannahannah"
meaning "Grandmother", Turkish was there and it was their language.

2) John said:

"Hannahannah meant "Grandmother" in Hurrian. In this case she was
frequently called "The Mother of All Living" - a title also of the
Sumerian Goddess Ninhursag. *Athtar is linked to PIE *ister (for
English star), and seems to have been another word with Nostratic

Polat Kaya: Sumerian NINHURSAG would be the Turkish "NINE HURI SAG"
meaning "The grandmother of living women". I have said many times
in this forum that Sumerian is alive in Turkish.

Additionally, what John calls "PIE *ister (for English star)" is
actually from Turkish IShITIR meaning a) "It is light" i.e., what the
English call STAR, and b) "It lights up" like what the Sun does. In
other words, the actual source is Turkish - not the hypothetical
language so-called NOSTRATIC.

3) Another name like Hurrian "Hannahannah" is the Greek "PANDORA"
which is an anagram of Turkish "aPa-ANA-DUR" (BABA ANADUR)
meaning "she is father's mother" which again is "grandmother" in
Turkish. Mythologically, Pandora is supposed to be the model of the
first woman. That makes her the oldest of all "grandmothers".
In Turkish, father's mother is called "BABA ANA", "BABAANNE" and
even "APA ANA".

Turkish "BABA" is from the ancient Turkish word "APA-APA" meaning
"father's father" (i.e., grandfather) which reduced in time to "PAPA"
and then to "BABA". The name "PAPA" for "POPE" also comes from
this Turkish word "PAPA" (BABA). The TUR/TURK Etruscans used
"APA" for "father".

Best wishes to all,

Polat Kaya

July 28, 2003