Re: "STORY OF ATHENA AND ARACHNE", Part-1. (Frank Verhoft)

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Dear Frank,

Hello. I can understand your reaction. But belive me I am not
pulling anyone's leg. I assure you I am not the kind of person who
would do that. In this forum I respect all of you. I would do no
such disrespectful behaviour to anyone. Additionally, I am sure I do
not fit any one of your descriptions. I am very serious. The
linguistic and the formation of words in Indo-European languages are
not what they may appear to you or others. There seems to be a much
deeper and darker background to them. If I may say so, most of us
have been the victim of some very cabalistic activities since the
days of Babylon or earlier.

Ordinarily, people do not deal with such matters. Such works are
generally left to mostly very honest and sincere linguists who do
their work in good will. But somehow, there must have been some very
"all learned and all knowing linguists" in the past that did
linguistics differently. I just happen to doubt some of the things
that I spotted. What you are reading in my essays are the results of
my doubts and they are very serious indeed.

Best wishes to all,

Polat Kaya

Kamil KARTAL wrote:
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> You mean... mail 1756 was NOT meant as a joke?????
> WOW.......................
> Hey, come on, somebody here is pulling our leg, no? That text
> contains more anachronisms than on the whole Bert Is Evil site, more
> falsifications than can be counted in an average Bush speech on
> Iraq,
> more lies than even Nixon could invent, more manipulations of data
> than Kissinger could come up with, and more absurdities than can be
> found in the complete oeuvre of Monty Python...
> As a piece of humor, it's grand (hence my initial reaction), but,
> naaaah, come on... I don't believe it...
> Frank
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> > <<<This analysis has shown conclusively that:<<<
> >
> > you know how to entertain people...
> >
> > Frank