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RE: Mark Newbrook,

Mark Newbrook knows very well that what Polat Kaya has been saying
is the truth but he cannot come forward and admit it. It is too much
for him. Instead he has made, in the past and also now, as seen
below, the statements of a loser. Now he is campaigning against me,
like a politician, to gather support for himself. But imploring will
not get him anywhere. To me it really does not matter whether he
approves or disapproves my papers. This is ecause he has shown more
vindictiveness and less scholarliness as his messages indicate. This
way he has lost all credibility as a debater of the linguistic facts
that I have presented all along. He has not touched any of the words
that I gave him. In stead he is trying to influence the other
readers. I tell him this much: What I have said in all my writings
stay as they are whether he likes it or not. They are strong enough
to stand the test of time on their own. I will let each reader make
his/her own judgement about my writings since they are at least as
capable in reading and making their own evaluation as Mark Newbrook

Best wishes to all,

Polat Kaya

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> Anyone who has not seen this material before should know that they
> can safely ignore it. References on request.
> Mark Newbrook