About the word "NOSTRATIC".




The name N0STRATIC has been proposed and circulated as the name of an
ancient language from which all languages are claimed to have been
derived. The name N0STRATIC, however, turns out to be an
anagrammatized Turkish expression which will be explained below.
GENESIS 11 states that the world spoke one language which was confused
in BABYLON. In the GENESIS story, the identity of that one language

that the world spoke is omitted. Our research into existing
Indo-European and Semitic languages has revealed that this ancient
language was Turkish as spoken then. I have shown in many writings
with many examples that the so-called Indo-European and Semitic
languages were manufactured from Turkish words and phrases by way of
anagrams and encryption indicating that that "one language which the
world spoke" was Turkish. Great effort has been expended on the part
of the European and Semitic language manufacturers to hide this fact.
This new term NOSTRATIC is another attempt to bury the Turkic identity
of that ancient one language the world spoke.

I had discussed the name NOSTRATIC in one of my earlier writings but
as further insight into this name, I offer the following:

The name NOSTRATIC, when decrypted letter-by-letter as "ATIN TORCS",
is an anagram of Turkish expression "ATIN TÜRKSE" (ADIN TÜRKÇE)
meaning "your name is Turkish". In this anagram, the Turkish letter
"Ç" has been converted into letter "S" which is a common deception
used in European languages starting from Greek, Latin and others. This
correspondence between "NOSTRATIC" as a name for an ancient language
and the Turkish phrase "ADIN TÜRKÇE" pointing to Turkish as that
ancient language is not due to coincidence. It is evident that this
term NOSTRATIC was generated using this Turkish expression as source
text. The decryption "ADIN TÜRKÇE" identifies the true identity of
the language this secretive word represents and further proves that
the identity of that one ancient language was TURKISH. Contrary to all
the linguistic confusion being discussed back and forth, it is clear
that the "one language that world spoke" at the time of writing the
GENESIS was Turkish and that the Indo-European and Semitic languages
were derived from it. Instead of admitting that there was a Turkish
Era in ancient world and the world language was TURKISH, linguists
have started another wild-goose chase with this "NOSTRATIC" game which
adds to the deception that has already been inflicted by the kabbals.
It is a game that plays on Turkish words and phrases.

For Europeans who have been so intimately involved in anagrammatizing
Turkish words and phrases to generate words for their artificially
manufactured languages, it should constitute no problem to add another
one to the list (i.e., NOSTRATIC that is an anagram of Turkish phrase

Best wishes to all,

Polat Kaya