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Kamil Bey,

The following is my view regarding writing by Saggiga
(sag_giganospam@...) given below:

Sumerian "KUR" is indicates to mean "mountain" in many references.
Turkish version of this name is "KIR" which means "countryside, and
uncultivated land" which includes the mountains as well. It must be
noted that Sumerian "KUR" and Turkish "KIR" are linguistically very
related words.

Sumerian ENLIL is the "Wind God" (Storm god). ENLIL is very
much related to Turkish "HAN-YEL" (Wind Lord), "HAN AL YEL" (Lord Hot Wind).

ABZU is from Turkish "APA SU" meaning "Father water" or the "God of
water". "ZU" in "ABZU" is the same as Turkish "SU" meaning water.
"AB" stands for Turkish "APA/ABA" meaning "father". Another version of
this name as read by some scholars is "ZUAB" which again means "SU +
APA/ABA" meaning "Water Father". In ancient writings all mthological
god names are "personifications" of concepts.
In this case name refers to "water" large or small. Another name in
Turkish OGuz Kagan epic is "DENIZ HAN".

Best wishes to all,

Polat Kaya

> Kamil Kartal wrote:
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> Konu:The sumerian word "Kur" doesnt mean underworld
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> Kramer's translation of the sumerian word "Kur" is not correct. He
> translates it into "underworld" or "netherworld". (I dont know if he
> is the first to give this meaning to that word). For instance he says
> Enlil lives in the underworld.
> The correct translation should be mountain. So Enlil is the god of the
> mountains.
> The same mistake is made for "abzu". Kramer translates it into
> "primeval sea". The correct meaning is the sea personified as god.
> It surely designs the red sea.
> What do you think ?
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