Re: [bcn2004] TANRI vs. ALAHAN...Aramaic Lexicon and Concordance

Thank you Kamil,

Your attached finding verifies what I have been saying all along in my
writings about the Turkish words "AL" and "ALA". Turkish "AL AHA" (AL AGA)

or "AL-HAN' was another ancient name for "sun" (GŁn-Tanri) and "ALA-AHA"
(ALA AGA) or "ALA HAN" was for "Moon-God" (Ay Tanri) in the ancient Turkish
speaking world. Evidently ancient Semitic groups spoke and used Turkish very
widely and freely. (The word "SEMITIC", with C/K disguising alteration, is
from Turkish "ESMECI" ("YELCI") meaning "wind believer"). From your
message it is noted that they have also used Turkish word "OD" meaning
"fire" and referring to "Sun" as the Sun-god in ancient times. This is
another indication that ancient world was a Turkish speaking world contrary
to all denials. Additionally, this also proves that the origin of the name
"ALLAH" is actually in Turkish rather than "Semitic". This can be seen
clearly as we deconstruct the word "ALLAH" as "AL-ILAH" (Sun God) or
"ALA-ILAH" (Moon God). Even the name of "wind" ("YEL" in the form of
"EL/IL/L") can be found in this name. Ancient Semitics called their god by
the name "EL" which is again a Turkish word. We discussed these concepts in
detail in my "The Tower of Babel" papers.

Best wishes to all,

Polat Kaya

>From: "Kamil KARTAL" <allingus2001@...>
>Subject: [bcn2004] TANRI vs. ALAHAN...Aramaic Lexicon and Concordance
>Date: Dima 22 mai 2005 08:25

> -----------------
> Word Number: 911
> -----------------
> Meaning: God
> Pronunciation:
> (Eastern) AaLaHaN
> (Western) AaLoHaN
> -----------------
> Word Number: 919
> Meaning: God
> Pronunciation:
> (Eastern) D'aALaHaN
> (Western) D'aALoHaN
> -----------------
> Word Number: 930
> Meaning: God
> Pronunciation:
> (Eastern) OD,aALaHaN
> (Western) OD,aALoHaN
> -----------------