About the Greek word "AGRIOKATSIKON" meaning "wild goat".

This presentation gives new insight about the Greek word  "AGRIOKATSIKON".

AGRIOKATSIKON     meaning "wild goat", when restructured letter by letter as
GIR-KOON-TAKASI   is from Turkish:
KIR KOYUN TEKESI  meaning "the mountain sheep male goat" or "the male goat of the mountain sheep".  

The Turkish word "KIR" (GIR) means "uncultivated lands" or "country side" and Turkish word "KOYUN" (KOON) means "sheep", thus "KIR KOYUN" or "KIR KOYUNU" means "wild sheep" (YABANI KOYUN).  Turkish "TEKE" (TAKA) means "male goat".

The above correspondence is exact and is more evidence that the Greek anagrammatizers used the Turkish language as the data base for the manufacture of Greek words. The Turkish language was the source language, not only for the manufacture of Greek words, but also for the manufacture of words for all other Indo-European and Semitic languages. Linguists should take note of these revelations in understanding the makeup of languages that they study and make "theories" about. 

Best wishes to all,

Polat Kaya