[Fwd: The term "Armenian Genocide" is intentional disinformation designed to con the public and obscure the truth!]

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The term "Armenian Genocide" is intentional disinformation designed to con the public and obscure the truth!


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Dear Sir / Ms :

I understand that you have prepared a program misleadingly entitled "Armenian Genocide" which is to be aired on TV Ontario's (TVO) Human Edge show on the dates of April 24, 2006 and April 25, 2006.  This title itself is part of a sophisticated attempt to legitimize a false claim against the Turks by way of disinformation.  By advertising such a bogus "title" for a contentious issue, TVO is not only participating in a "lie" campaign generated by Armenian diaspora against the Turks, but also contributing to anti-Turkish hate literature. I am not sure that this is your intention or your assignment at TV Ontario.  Obviously TVO is taking sides with the Armenians in a matter about which TVO, most likely, has no researched knowledge other than what has been fed to the media by the Armenian lie machine that continuously generates anti-Turkish propaganda. It is an untruthful but clever trick to concoct such an unfactual title for events that Armenians planned, started and committed against the Turks some 90 plus years ago. The planners of Human Edge at TVO are displaying their prejudice against the Turks. They know very well that such a provocative and sophisticated title sticks in the mind of the viewer irrespective of whether the subject represents the truth or not. Just like the Armenians, TVO is playing games with words, hence contributing and hoping to establish a falsehood as the truth.  It is a known fact that when a lie is repeated over and over again, it achieves its intended purpose - because the repeated lies have the unfortunate tendency of becoming "truth" in the minds of people. This TVO presentation is unacceptable one-sidedness in an alleged matter that is deliberately claimed as a "genocide". In this regard, not only is the title "Armenian Genocide" dishonest, unwarranted and unacceptable, but so is your showing a one sided tale that is embellished by some skillful movie makers supporting the Armenian view. 

The fact is that it was the innocent Turks in many parts of Anatolia and Azerbaijan that were massacred by the fully organized Armenians who wanted to steal Turkish lands.  In their terrorism, my grandfather from my mother-side, his three brothers and sixty five other men of the same village were massacred in one night by the Armenian terrorists.  Thus at a very young age my mother was left an orphan and my grandmother was left without her loved ones.  After the Armenians did their well-planned and well-executed killings of the Turks without achieving what they had hoped to achieve, they, with the help of their external counsellors, simply turned the tables around and accused the Turks of wrongdoings.  This is a known ACCUSE-THE-VICTIM propaganda trick used by those who planned and perpetrated the events themselves.  Armenian villification of the victimized Turks is a cunning way for the Armenians to avoid being accused of the crimes that they themselves committed.  The Armenians have been caught many times using bogus pictures, fraudulent documents and fabricated stories to promote their alleged claims.  Somehow though, their friends conveniently turn a blind eye to all this.  Judging by the title that TVO is using for this program, TVO is not a neutral mediator in spite of the fact that they claim "host -- award-winning journalist/broadcaster Ian Brown -- is to present his own points-of-view, which may not necessarily be those of TVOntario".  Somebody's "award-winning" activities in some other unrelated areas has nothing to do with the issue at hand - nor does it add any credibility to the claim.  In spite of all this, TVO  is not shying away from damning the Turks with such a carefully-selected judgemental title.  TVO should drop its anti-Turkish attitude, admit their one-sidedness, and then apologize to the Turks.

Sincerely yours,

Polat Kaya

P.S.  Below is what is wriiten on the TVO website about this program.

The Armenian Genocide 
Monday, April 17 - 12:03 AM

Andrew Goldberg, an Emmy Award-winning director, seeks out Armenian, Turkish, and American scholars to help explain the political, historical, and cultural conditions behind this event, and explore its aftermath. Julianna Margulies narrates; Orlando Bloom, Ed Harris, Laura Linney, and Natalie Portman also lend their voices.

North American Premiere. A film by Andrew Goldberg.

Human Edge, now in its 17th season, is well known for its tradition of provocative, point-of-view documentaries. Each documentary represents an individual filmmaker's vision of the world, and as such, can touch on highly controversial subjects.

In keeping with the personal perspective of Human Edge, the role of its host -- award-winning journalist/broadcaster Ian Brown -- is to present his own points-of-view, which may not necessarily be those of TVOntario.

Here at TVO, we are well aware that the content of the documentary, The Armenian Genocide, is contentious, and as such, are eager to foster a discussion of this topic. You may register and participate in a public dialogue at the TVO Documentaries Discussion Forum, or send your comments to TVO Audience Relations at: askTVO@....

Here is a sampling of audience feedback we have received so far.

video button  Studio 2's Foreign Affairs Panel discusses The Armenian Genocide


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April 24 at 10:02 PM

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