Introducing the real identity of the 'English' word "INTRODUCTION"

Dear Friends,

Hi.  In this essay we meet the real face of the word "introduction".  The English word INTRODUCTION is supposed to be a derivation from the word "INTRODUCE" meaning "to cause to be acquainted, to introduce strangers, to present a subject such that the listeners have an idea of what it is all about". The word "INTRODUCE  is defined as being from Latin word "INTRODUCERE" from "intro" within + "ducere" to lead". [Webster's Collegiate dictionary, 1947, p. 529]. As usual, this etymology is not telling the whole truth and is designed as a cover up. 

The Latin word "INTRODUCERE", when rearranged letter-by-letter as "DONITERCU-ER", it is found to be a restructured and disguised form of the Turkish word "TANITIRCU ER" (TANITIRCI ER) meaning "man who does the introducing".  This definition in Turkish describes someone who does the "introducing". Hence the source of the Latin word "INTRODUCERE" is actually in Turkish, but it is disguised so well that it is not easy to recognized it as Turkish.  Camouflaging is the first thing that a stealer does to the item that he stole. Thus the latin word "INTRODUCERE" is not from "intro" within + "ducere" to lead" as deceptively claimed. 

Similarly, the word INTRODUCTION, when rearranged letter-by-letter as "TONITONCIDUR", it reveals itself as a restructured and disguised form of the Turkish word "TANITANCIDIR" meaning "it is he/she who does introduction".  Thus this so-called English word is also an anagram of a stolen Turkish expression that describes someone who does the "introduction" rather than the concept of "introduction" itself.  This trick has been used in the manufacture of unlimited number of words of  the so-called "Indo-European" and "Semitic' languages from Turkish. When someone does an "introduction" he/she is described as a "TANITANCI" in Turkish. But what he/she does is the act of "introduction" which is "TANITMA" in Turkish. Thus usurper-anagrammatizer instead of using the word TANITMA as a source, he takes another Turkish word related to TANITMA, in this case, the word "TANITANCIDIR" which is a longer expression and hence easier to disguise. In the restructuring and disguising process some of the wovels have been changed so that stealing becomes more complete. 

Clearly the real source for both the Latin "INTRODUCERE" and the English "INTRODUCTION" is the Turkish verb "TANITMAK" meaning "to introduce".  Evidently this so-called Latin and English words, along with countless number of others in these and other Indo-European languages, are words that have been stolen and camouflaged from the Turkish linguistic "reservoir" which has been the target of secret invasion and usurpation by some linguist-anagrammatizsers since the times of ancient Romans and Greeks for thousands of years. 

Best wishes to all,

Polat Kaya