About the Latin name "BENEDICTUS"



Polat Kaya


Recently, Pope BENEDICT XVI made some putdown comments about Islam, its prophet and the believers of Islam. It caused a wave of justified condemnation from the Moslem world.  In view of this tidal wave against the Pope's ill thought and ill pronounced speech, he half heartedly said that he was sorry that the Moslem world had misunderstood his words and that he had not meant to offend the Moslems. Of course this "apology" by the Pope was not a real apology. He does not mean that he was sorry for what he had said about Islam and its prophet and followers, but rather that he was sorry the "moslems" were offended by what he said.  He is playing 'Janus' games on words. Janus was an ancient Roman god meaning "double faced" (iki yüzlü).  Evidently, from where the Pope sits, observes and makes pronouncements, he thinks that Moslems do not have any feelings, so they can be offended, humiliated and put down, etc.. It seems that these things do not matter for the Pope and his flock in Europe because somehow he thinks he is a privileged Christian "PAPA" (BABA).  He acts like "he is God". Incidently, the name POPE is a distorted Turkish word PAPA (BABA) which derives from Turkish "APA-APA" meaning "grandfather".  APA-APA (PAPA) is a very ancient Turkish word.  In the context of the Pope, PAPA would refer to the creator God.   All of the European languages are also artificial languages all manufactured from Turkish contrary to all the linguistic propaganda that they have generated. 

The Papal title "BENEDICT" supposedly means "blessed" and is allegedly sourced from the Latin word "BENEDICTUS". The word "blessed" has the following synonyms, that is, words with the same meaning: "sacred, holy, divine, religious, saintly", that is, "kutsal, Tanrisal, gökten inmis, din adami, tanrilasmis" in Turkish.. This name "Benedictus" is said to have some 23 variations, see url:  

Of course none of these adjectives except the one meaning "religious man" is  applicable to this person or to any other human being holding the "Papal" religious position.  That includes Pope Benedict XVI and any other Popes before him. They are all mortal men elected by a certain religious group to sit at the top of a certain religious man-made artificial establishment. Let no one con the trusting peoples of the world anymore about a Pope's "holiness, divineness, godliness, etc."  Popes are no more holy than anybody else.

Now let us examine why the name means "blessed"?  First of all let me point out that this title is for a "PAPAL" authority and it is a specially composed title that has been generated from Turkish expressions contrary to its concocted "Latin" origin.  The name BENEDICTUS,  where the letter C is a bogus letter which is written as a C but voiced as a K, also has the forms BENEDIKTUS or BENEDIKTOS.  Since the source for this title is one or more restructured, Romanized and altered Turkish expressions, just like the rest of the words in the so-called "Latin" language, we are at liberty to reverse engineer its make up.  Since it is an encrypted word, it needs to be "decrypted" in order to get to its source and to get at its hidden meanings in Turkish. This we do by rearranging the name BENEDIKTUS. When the name is rearranged in the forms given below and read phonetically as in Turkish, we get: 

1)    "BEN-KUT-ISEDI" which is the Turkish expression "BEN KUT ISADI" (BEN KUTSAL ISADI) meaning "I am blessed Jesus". So the "Pope", by this Turkish title, is secretly telling to all those who know what he is talking about, that"He is Jesus". Most likely, only a handful of people in Christiandom may know this meaning. Thus because of this unspelled and unvoiced meaning embedded in the name Benedictus, it has a meaning of "blessed". The interesting thing is that the origin of the title-expression is Turkish and not Latin.  Evidently this title has been used by fifteen other "Popes" before this one. This also puts the "Jesus" myth and a mortal man called "Jesus" into further doubt.  The religious peoples have always been short on explanations and very long on mythology. 

2)     "BEN-KUD-SETI" which is again the Turkish expression "BEN KUT SETI" (BEN KUTSAL SETI) meaning "I am sacred SETI".  In ancient times Seti was the ancient "God of evil", representing "black and evil". This is very enlightening as well.  Since this ancient Masarian (MISIR) god was a "blessed" one, thus, this makes the name "Benedictus" to mean "blessed" again.  It is curious that the priesthood of Judeo-Christianity mostly wear "black" from top to bottom and make their followers also wear "black". One wonders what other explanation do they have for their "black" attire. 

3)    "BEN-KUT-EDIS" which is again the Turkish expression "BEN KUT EDI
Ș" meaning "I am he who blesses".  This is also true because he ceremoniously "blesses" people for religious purposes. 

4)    "BEN-KUDISTE" which is again the Turkish expression "BEN KUDISTI" (BEN KUDIS) meaning "I am Jerusalem".  In this context, the fact that the so-called town of "JERUSALEM" or "AL KUDIS" is regarded as a "holy city" makes the name Benedictus to mean "blessed" again. But this Turkish expression hidden in the name of the Popes who called themselves "BENEDICTUS secretly states that they regard themselves as the "head" of JERUSALEM as well. 

5)    "BN-UKIS-DETE" (BEN OKIS DETE) which is again the Turkish expression "BEN OGUZ DEDE" meaning "I am Grandfather OGUZ". OGUZ DEDE (OGUZ KAGAN) was the Sky-God of ancient Turanian civilization", that is,  of the so-called "Pagan" civilization. This also makes the name BENEDICTUS to mean "blessed" although the church-fathers themselves were the ones that killed the ancient Turanian OGUZ religion concept.. Additionally, this Turkish expression also makes the Pope a "Grandfather BULL" which was the divine logo of Oguz Kagan. Turkish word "OKUS" means "bull". This is again in harmony with the ancient Turanian Sky-God concept being represented with a sacred bull logo. 

6)     "BEN-OKES-DETI" which is again the Turkish expression "BEN AGUZ DEDI" meaning "I am what mouth says", "I am the word, speech, last word, command".  The "WORD" (speech) being a gift from God to men, is also a sacred entity.  That is why they say "In the beginning there was Word and Word was with God and Word was God".  Thus in this regard the name again means "blessed". 

7)    "ODISTEN-BEK" which is again the Turkish expression "ODISTAN BEK" (ODISTAN BEGI) meaning "Lord of the ODISTAN", that is, "Lord of Sun-God worshipping lands". 

 8)       "BED-KUNESTI" (BEN-KUDESTI) which is again the Turkish expression "BEN GÜNESTI" meaning "I am the sun".  This distorted Turkish expression hidden in the title elevates this man, who calls himself "POPE" (PAPA), to the level of the Sun, hence he becomes a "Sun-God" - just as the ancient Turanian kings did.  Thus again this makes the name "blessed".  

 9)       "BEN-KUD-ESTI" which is again the Turkish expression "BEN KUT ESTI" meaning "I am the Blessed Wind".  Thus he declares himsel as the "Wind-God" (Storm God), that is "YEL-HAN" in Turkish. This Turkish expression again gives a "blessed" meaning to this name. 

Hence the "blessedness" of this Papal title BENEDIKTUS is not from Latin which itself is a bogus language manufactured from Turkish words and phrases, but rather from Turkish expressions hidden in this Romanized name. Of course this fact is never mentioned to the public. In this regard the Turkish world together with the rest of the world have been conned like children by a handful of cabalist cult operators.

And this confused Pope Benedict XVI who thinks "he is God" and whose flock also thinks that "he is godly, holy, divine and more" think altogeter that they are more "civilized" than the peoples of the Moslem world or the rest of the world. Of course this self serving and self elatiing attribution has nothing to do with truth and reality. 

Having brought all this to the attention of the readers, I now wish real peace to everybody in the world including the "Grand Padre".

Best wishes to all,

Polat Kaya