"Words Under the Lens Series"-#2: The latin word "FERRAMENTUM" sourced from Turkish.

Dear Friends,

The word #2 of the "Words Under the Lens Series" is the Latin word FERRAMENTUM which means "any instrument or tool made from iron", [ Cassell's Compact Latin-English and English-latin dictionary, Cassel-London, 1962, p. 101].

FERRAMENTUM  deciphered letter-by-letter as "TEMURFENAM-R" where F is an alphabetical up shift from letter D, that is, D/F shift has taken place, see 
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caesar_cipher , thus, it is from restructured Turkish expression "TEMURDENEM" (DEMIRDENIM) meaning "I am made of iron" which is the meaning attributed to this so-called "Latin" word. 

The word "FERRA" which is the cut off front end of the word FERRAMENTUM and similarly the Latin word "FERRUM" supposedly means "iron".  It must be noted that the meaning and the concept of "iron" attributed to this word comes from the Turkish word "TEMUR" (TEMIR, DEMIR) and not from "FERRA" which is a meaningless part of a longer restructured word. What has taken place in this anagrammatizing process is that the meaning of "TEMUR" (TEMIR, DEMIR) has been artificially shifted to FERRA (FERRUM) giving the false impression that as if "FERRA" is the root word of FERRAMENTUM which it is not!  

Turkish suffix -DEN, -TEN means "from" and in this case it means "made from, made of" and the suffix -EM, -UM is the Turkish verbal suffix of the first person singular. 

Thus, all other Latin words such as FERRARIA, FERRARIUS, FERRATUS, FERREUS, FERRUGIMEUS, FERRUM, etc. having meanings realated to "iron" and all similar words from other so-called "Indo-European" languages are all sourced from this above given Turkish expression.  

Türks of Central Asia are well known for their "ERGENEKON" story in which an "iron" mountain was melted away before they started to migrate to all parts of the world.  Turks have mined and worked the iron ore and smelted it into all kinds of shapes for thousands of years. One of such iron instrument was the "the plough share" which has been used in agriculture ever since they invented the agricultural cultivation of the fields.  The Turkish steel used in the make up of the Turkish swords and other military instruments were peerless among their rivals. 

Thus the source of this Latin word FERRAMENTUM is pure Turkish as given above contrary to all the linguistic disinformation that has been perpetrated!

Best wishes to all,

Polat Kaya