Dear Aslam Resoolpuri and Friends,

Greetings to all.  In this posting I want to share with you a paper of mine entitled "PRESENCEOF TUR/TURK/OGUZ PEOPLES IN ANCIENT MASAR ("EGYPT")". In this paper I present a detailed understanding to the identity of the ancient MASAR (MISIR) people, and show that those people who built that magnificent ancient civilization were the Turanian Tur/Turk/Oguz peoples. This fact has not been made known to the public and those who knew it did not want to reveal it. It seems that denying by establishment the presence of Turkish language throughout the history did not keep it in the intended darkness forever. When we dig into the depths of ancient languages, and in spite of so many coordinated efforts for so long, trying to keep the past history of Turkish in darkness, the presence of Turkish in ancient times as the main language of the world keeps coming to the surface at every turn. This we see in this presentation also.   

In my writing I used the names that ancient Masarians, that is, the so-called "Egyptians", called themselves written with hieroglyps. The analyses of these hieroglyphic writings shows that they were calling themselves with Turkish names and country titles composed in Turkish. 

This paper is lengthy and includes hieroglyphic signs, therefore, I could not post it directly to our discussion forums.  It is in my site with the url .

You will see, how, by linguistic manipulation, the identity of the ancient Masar was changed from a Turanian "Tur/Turk/Oguz" identity to a "Gypsy" identity. This identity change of the ancient Masar was done during the Greco-Roman period of this very ancient Turanian state, that is, after its invasion by Alexander the Great. However, it is most likely that the ground work for the identity change had already been prepared by the priests of wanderer groups infiltrated into all top levels of the state. 

Best wishes to all,

Polat Kaya