Dear Friends,

Recently, I saw the following as a Wikipedia news item at 
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Main_Page.  It said:

NASA believes it has found ice on Mars after white patches uncovered by digging from the Phoenix lander are found to have sublimated."

This is exciting news regarding the exploration of the planet MARS.  I am sure it will open new horizons to humanity, however, in reading this news item, the term "SUBLIMATION" also caught my eye.  I asked myself how did they come up with this word?  How could they come up with such a specific word for a concept when there could be so many other words to choose from?  Yet they chose this word.  Here is the definition of this word and the concept it represents from Wikipedia at 

"Sublimation of an element or compound is a transition from the solid to gas phase with no intermediate liquid stage. Sublimation is a phase transition that occurs at temperatures and pressures below the triple point (see phase diagram).

At normal pressures, most chemical compounds and elements possess three different states at different temperatures. In these cases the transition from the solid to the gaseous state requires an intermediate liquid state. However, for some elements or substances at some pressures the material may pass directly from a solid into the gaseous state. This can occur if the atmospheric pressure exerted on the substance is too low to stop the molecules from escaping from the solid state.

The opposite of sublimation is deposition. The formation of frost is an example of meteorological deposition."

This is a very clear cut technical definition of the concept that "sublimation" represents.  However, I used it to understand its source.  My decipherment of the word SUBLIMATION is as follows:

a)   The word SUBLIMATION, when rearranged letter-by-letter as "SU-OLMATIN-BI",  is an altered form of the Turkish expression  "SU OLMADIN" meaning "you did not become water".  Additionally, it is also the altered form of the Turkish expression "SU OLMADAN" meaning "without being water".  These two meanings in Turkish are already given in the "scientific" definition of the word "sublimation" above.  Turkish SU means "water", and "OLMADAN means "without being, without becoming".   

b)    Additionally, the word SUBLIMATION, when rearranged letter-by-letter as "BUSTAN-OLMII" or "BUSTIN-OLMAI",  is an altered form of the Turkish expression "BUZDAN OLMA" meaning "becoming from ice", that is, "forming directly from ice". This meaning is also mentioned in the technical definition of the word above.  Turkish word BUZ means "ice", OLMA means"being, becoming, forming".  

Now when we put these two Turkish expressions together in a Turkish sentence such as:  "SU OLMADAN BUZDAN OLMA", it means "becoming from ice without being water" or alternatively, "becoming from solid without being liquid" 

This is exactly the definition of this so-called "Indo-European" (IE) term "SUBLIMATION". Thus it is clear that the limguistic source material of this IE word was Turkish.  If the concept was originally defined with a Turkish  expression such as  "SU OLMADAN BUZDAN OLMA", only then could they come up with a specific and sophisticated-looking word like SUBLIMATION.  Another normal term for this concept in Turkish would be "BUHARLAŞMA" meaning "evaporation" and "UÇMAK" again meaning "evaporation, disappearing, flying away" 

Now let us look at another Turkish expression, that is, "SU OLMADAN BUZ OLMA" meaning "becoming ice without becoming water" which is very similar to the above expression of "SU OLMADAN BUZDAN OLMA".  But interestingly, this expression in Turkish is the opposite concept of "sublimation", that is, the so-called "deposition" or "frost".  In this concept, the water vapour present in the air, under certain environmental conditions, turns into ice without turning into water.  

This shows how convenient the Turkish language is as a source in "inventing" such dazzling and scientific-sounding IE words.  When people do not know the secret games being played on words behind closed doors, then the resultant product, of course, mesmerizes the trusting audience who does not know how the product was formed.  In other words, we are being presented with a "magic" show - and we are dazzled by it.  Furthermore, in their dictionaries, they manufacture an alibi reference to an ancient Greek or IE source to futher disguise the deception and assign all glory to their IE source while the name TUR or TURK or OGUZ disappears alltogether.

While we are on this subject, I will also discuss the word FROST which is said to be a "meteorological deposition", in other words "turning into ice without going through the water phase." 

FROST, when arranged as "FOSTR", is the altered and disguised Turkish word "BUZTUR" meaning "it is ice".  Yes, FROST is ICE.  The letter F is a simple alteration of the original Turkish letter B.  They could just as easily have turned the Turkish letter B into a V - thus forming the word VROST instead of FROST.  So the source of this English word is also Turkish and it has been alienated from Turkish.  Common words for "frost" in Turkish are: "don, donma; kiragi; ayaz; buz."  In verbal forms: "don yapmak; buz tutmak; kiragi çalmak, dondurmak, buzlamak, etc.."

Similarly, when the word DEPOSITION is rearranged letter-by-letter as "POS-ETDI-ONI", it is the altered and disguised Turkish expression "BUZ ETDI" meaning "it made ice".  That is exactly what happens when "deposition" or "frost" takes place. 

Alternatively, when the word DEPOSITION is rearranged as "DON-ETIP-O-IS", it has the altered and disguised Turkish expression "DON EDIP O" meaning "it has made frost". 

Thus, again we have Turkish language as the source for these IE words as well.  

In conclusion, I believe I have made my case plenty clear with many examples for all those who are interested in knowing the truth regarding the makeup  of so many Indo-European and other languages. Those who, for whatever reason, want to believe the validity of the established linguistic position regarding the make up of languages, will find that the theory they believe in has a great big hole at its bottom and the ship will eventually sink. 

Best wishes to all,

Polat Kaya