Re: [bcn2004] Words under the lens: "APOCALYPTIC", "ESCHATOLOGY", "SCATOLOGY", "ALLEGORIKOS" and "ALLEGORIKON"

Sayin Turhan Tisinli,
In my paper regarding "sublimation", I had described what kind of event I was talking about, where it was taking place and how it was defined technically.  It is ironic that you make this point below as it indicates that you did not read my paper properly, and therefore, missed my explanations.  Please read them again.  Under the Martian environmental conditions, "sublimation" of ice (i.e., ice turning into vapor without going through the liquid water phase) is a very good example.  Martian conditions are not "normal" conditions.

Sincerely yours,

Polat Kaya

Turhan Tisinli wrote:


(ironically, water ice does not sublimate, it melts and becomes water before evaporating)


shound read


(ironically, water ice does not sublimate under normal conditions, it melts and becomes water before evaporating.  So it would not be a good example to anagramatize the term "sublimation" from.)



Turhan Tisinli