Words under the lens: English word "EXCOMMUNICATE"


The English word EXCOMMUNICATE is defined as follows in the Encarta® World English Dictionary:     

1.    vt.: to exclude a baptized Christian from taking part in Communion because of doctrine or moral behavior that is adjudged to offend against God or the Christian community.

2.    adj.: having been officially excluded from taking part in the Eucharist.

3.    n.:  somebody who has been officially excluded from taking part in the Eucharist.

The letter X in the word EXCOMMUNICATE is a symbol of deceptive nature. It gives the "KS" sound and in actuality it replaces and disguises letters K and S present in the source Turkish expression used to make up this word. Similarly, one of the letters "C", voiced as "K" sound, is a letter "S" in the original source text.  It is just like the letters C in the English word ACCESS which is voiced as "AK-SES".

When the word EXCOMMUNICATE is rearranged (deciphered) letter-by-letter as "CONUSMAE-KECTIM", it is found to be an anagrammatized and disguised form of the Turkish expression  "KONUŞMAYI  KESTIM" meaning "I cut-off the communication". This is exactly what is meant by the word EXCOMMUNICATE and is done accordingly.  Irrespective of the etymologies attributed to this word in the dictionaries, the source of this English word is unquestionably Turkish. 

Best wishes to all,

Polat Kaya