Words under the lens: Greek Numeral names No.3 - Greek words related to number "one"

3.    Greek words related to number "one":

The Greek words EIS,  N, KAPOIOS, NAS all mean "one" and PRWTOS means "first", [Divry's Modern English-Greek, Greek-English Dictionary, 1988, p. 762].

Turkish cardinal numeral for "one" is 
"BIR" and for ordinal numeral "first" is "BIRINCI" 

a)    The Greek word KAPOIOS, rearranged letter-by-letter as "KOPO-SAI" or "KAPO-SOI", is the altered, restructured, disguised and Hellenized form of the Turkish expression 
"KAPI SAYI" meaning "'gate' number", that is, "the first number". "One" is the first number, and its is the 'gate' number. That is why it has also been named as N which is the Turkish word N meaning "the front", "the very beginning", and  Turkish word "EN" which comes to the front of adjectives such as  "EN SOGUK" meaning "the coldest", "EN SICAK" meaning "the hottest", etc., thus giving "the least" or "the most" meaning to the expression.

In this context, the Greek cardinal numeral name NAS rearranged as "N-AS", is the altered, restructured, Hellenized and disguised form of the Turkish expression 
"EN AZ" meaning "the smallest" referring to "the smallest of the cardinal numerals" - which is number one.  

Additionally, the Greek word NAS rearranged as "N-AS", is the altered, restructured, Hellenized and disguised form of the Turkish expression 
"N AS" meaning "the front One" referring to "the cardinal numeral 'one' which is at the front". 

Turkish word 
N means "front, the very first", AS means "one", AZ means "small", EN AZ means "the smallest", KAPI means "door, gate", SAYI means "number". 

b)    Interestingly, the Greek word EIS meaning "one", rearranged as "ESI", is the altered, restructured and disguised Turkish word 
"ESI" meaning "wind; blowing of wind". The ancient Greeks as believers of the "wind god", hence the name "HELLEN" from Turkish "YEL HAN" meaning "Wind Lord", also gave their god's name in Turkish  to numeral "one". This is again copying the ancient Turanian Tur/Turk/Oguz peoples, because Turanians also gave their "ONE" universal SKY-GOD concept "BIRO" to Turkish cardinal numeral "BIR" meaning "one". 

Furthermore, the  Greek word EIS meaning "one", rearranged as "ISE", is the altered, restructured and disguised Turkish word 
"ISA" meaning "Jesus" who also became the "god" of the Greeks.  In this context, "Jesus" (ISA) also became "number one" or "first" to them.  

Interestingly, Turkish 
"ISA" is also the source for the Semitic name "ISAIAH". The name ISAIAH, rearranged as "AI-ISAH" or "ISAH-AI", is the altered, restructured and disguised Turkish word "AY ISA" (ISA AY) meaning "the Moon God" which was one of the celestial deities of the ancient Turanians. The term "ISAIAH" refers, particularly, to the "Dark Moon" concept.  Therefore, this ancient Turanian Moon-God has also become a "God" for the ancient Greeks and the Semites.  Hence, the Greek word "EIS". 

c)    Greek word PRWTOS meaning "first", harbors the final Greek letter S - which is a special form of the Greek letter S that can deceptively be used as letter S, SH (Ş), Z, and CH ().  Similarly, the bogus letter W in PRWTOS is a replacement for UU, VV, YY and UV, UY, VY combinations in the source Turkish text, and further, by inverting the letter W upside down, it can be used in place of the letter M - as is the case in this Greek word "PRWTOS".  In order to better understand this word PRWTOS we should examine another related Greek word.

d)    In view of this information, let us now decipher another Greek word, namely PRWTOTOKOS which means "first born", [Divry's Dictionary, p. 663].  The Greek word PRWTOTOKOS, rearranged as "PRMSO-TOKTO", is the altered, restructured and disguised Turkish word 
"BiRiMCi DOGTU" (BiRiNCI DOGDU) meaning "was born first", "was first born". Thus, clearly, this so-called "Greek" word PRWTOTOKOS has been manufactured from the Turkish expression "BiRiMCi DOGTU" 

Turkish word 
BiRiNCI (BiRiMCi) means "first", DOĞDU means "was born". Thus, the concepts of "first" and "born"  attributed to this "Greek" word are both from Turkish.  And, the concept of "first" is assigned to the front part PRWTO of the word PRWTOTOKOS. in manufacturing the word.  Thus, the Greek ordinal numeral name PRWTO, which is the cut off front part of the fabricated word PRWTOTOKOS, gets its meaning from Turkish ordinal numeral BiRiNCI (BiRiMCi).

Similarly, the Greek word PRWTOS (PRWTE, PRWTON), [Divry's Modern English-Greek, Greek-English Dictionary, 1988, p. 663], meaning "first", is the same as the Greek word PRWTO and it also gets its meaning from Turkish ordinal numeral definition 
"BiRiMCiDU" (BIRINCIDI) meaning "it is the first". 


Polat Kaya