Words under the lens: Greek Numeral names No.6 - Greek words related to number "four"

6.    Words related to number "four":

Greek word TESSARES (TESSARA) means "four", and TETARTOS means "fourth", [Divry's Modern English-Greek, Greek-English Dictionary, 1988, p. 762].

Turkish cardinal numeral for "four" is 
"DÖRT" and for ordinal numeral "fourth" is "DÖRDÜNCÜ". 
In order to understand these terms, we should first examine the term TESSARAKONTA meaning "forty".

a)   Greek word TESSARES (TESSARA), meaning "four", is actually a cut off front part of the Greek word 
 TESSARAKONTA meaning "forty", [Divry's, p. 704]. But, when the Greek cardinal numeral name TESSARAKONTA is rearranged as  "TORT-KESS-AN-AA", we find that it is the altered, restructured and Hellenized form of the Turkish mathematical expression "DÖRT-KEZ-ON-O" meaning "it is four times ten" - which is "forty".  This is from the Turkish mathematical timestable of numbers.

From this decipherment, we see that the Greek term TESSARES  meaning "four" gets its meaning from Turkish cardinal numeral 
"DÖRT" meaning "four" indicating that the term TESSARES is just an artificially made up term that was not genuine and was formulated from the Turkish expression "DÖRT-KEZ-ON-O".  In other words, the meaning of Turkish numeral name "DÖRT" has been artificially assigned to this Greek word TESSARES. 

b)    Similarly, the Greek ordinal numeral name TETARTOS, meaning "fourth", rearranged letter-by-letter as
 "TORTSETA", is the altered, restructured and Hellenized form of the Turkish word  "DÖRTSIDI".  But this Turkish word is a shortened form of the Turkish expression "DÖRTÜNCÜDI" meaning "it is the fourth" Clearly, the ÜN (IN) infix in Turkish has been dropped out. We find embedded in the Greek term TETARTOS not only the Turkish cardinal numeral DÖRT meaning "four" but also is the Turkish word DÖRTSIDI which is an altered form of the Turkish ordinal number name DÖRTÜNCÜ meaning "fourth".

c)    There is also the Greek word TETRA meaning "four". In order to understand this term better, let us examine the Greek term TETRAPLASIOS (TETRAPLOUS), meaning "four fold, quadruple", [Divry's, p. 704]. 

The Greek word TETRAPLASIOS, rearranged letter-by-letter as
 "PAL-TORT-SAISE", is from the Turkish expression  "BOL DÖRT SAYISI" meaning "many numeral four" or "many times four", that is, "a number that is many four fold".  The term quadruple means "four times the original quantity" which makes it "four fold"! Thus, we see that even the Greek term TETRA in TETRAPLASIOS gets its meaning of "four" from Turkish cardinal number DÖRT.  Hence its source is from Turkish! 

Similarly, the Greek word TETRAPLOUS, meaning "four fold, quadruple", rearranged letter-by-letter as
 "POLSA-TURT-E", is from the Turkish expression  "BOLCA DÖRT O" meaning "it is many four" or "many times four", that is, "a number that is many four-fold".  Thus, we see that even the Greek term  TETRA in TETRAPLOUS also gets its meaning of "four" from Turkish cardinal number DÖRT 

d)    The Greek word TETARTEMORION, meaning "quarter", [Divry's Dictionary, 1988, p. 704],when rearranged letter-by-letter as "TORTTE-MIR-O-ANE", is from Turkish 
mathematical expression "DÖRTTE BIR O", that is, mathematically 1/4. meaning "it is one in four" which is again a "quarter". Turkish expression  "DÖRTTE BIR" is a mathematical term meaning 1/4 which is a quarter. All this shows that the term quarter gets its meaning from Turkish as well!  The additional part ANE is a linguistic wrapping.

Hence, the Greek word TETARTON, meaning "quarter, one fourth", is actually a cut off front part of the manufactured word TETARTEMORION.   In this shortened version of the Greek word, TETARTON has the same meaning of the Turkish expression 

e)    Even the Greek word TETARTON, rearranged letter-by-letter as "TORTTE-AN", is from Turkish expression  
"DÖRTTE ÖN" (DÖRTTE BIR)" meaning "quarter, one fourth" (See Words under the lens:  Greek Numeral names No.3 - Greek words related to number "one").

Thus, the source for all these is the Turkish cardinal numeral name 
DÖRT and DÖRTÜNCÜ related expressions.

Polat Kaya