Words under the lens: Greek Numeral names No.23 - Greek words related to number "thirty"

23.    Greek words related to number "thirty":
Greek word TRIAKONTA, (TRIANTA) means "thirty", and TRIAKOSTOS (TRIAKOSTON) means "thirtieth", [Divry's Modern English-Greek, Greek-English Dictionary, 1988, p. 762, also see p. 709].

Turkish cardinal numeral for "thirty" is "OTUZ" and for ordinal numeral "thirtieth" is "OTUZUNCU".

a)     When the Greek cardinal numeral name TRIAKONTA, meaning "thirty" is rearranged as
 "TRIA-KAT-ON", we have in Turkish a mathematical expression with one unknown, that is, the term TRIA. The expression "TRIA-KAT-ON" is the same as the mathematical saying "TRIA times 10 = 30."  The solution of this gives a value of "3" to the term "TRIA", which is verbally "ÜÇ" in Turkish.  

Additionally, under item 5. Greek words related to number "three", I showed that Greek term TRIA meaning "three" got its meaning from Turkish cardinal numeral 
ÜÇ meaning "three". 

Hence, replacing TRIA with 
ÜÇ, we get the Turkish mathematical expression "ÜÇ KAT ON" meaning "three times ten" or "thirty".  Hence, the Greek cardinal numeral name TRIAKONTA has been made up from Turkish expression "ÜÇ KAT ON" (ÜÇ KATI ON) rather than the true cardinal numeral name OTUZ meaning "thirty".

b)    In the case of the Greek ordinal numeral name TRIAKOSTOS, meaning "thirtieth", the make up of the word is somewhat different. The name TRIAKOSTOS, rearranged letter-by-letter as "OTOS-K-SITAR" where letter S is a replacement for C, is from Turkish expression 
"OTUZ'NCIDIR"(OTUZUNCUDUR) meaning "it is the thirtieth". In this Greek anagram, the letter N in the Turkish source text has been replaced by letter K by using the alphabetical "down shift" rather than the "up shift" rule of the Caesar Cipher, [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caesar_cipher]. Here, we see that this Greek ordinal numeral has not only the Turkish cardinal numeral name OTUZ, meaning "thirty", but also embedded in it is the Turkish ordinal numeral "OTUZUNCUDUR". This shows that the Greek word TRIAKOSTOS is actually a modified, restructured, disguised and Hellenized form of the Turkish numeral name "OTUZUNCUDUR" 

c)    This can be verified in an alternative way. The Greek word TRIAKOSTOS meaning "thirtieth" has another form of TRIAKOSTON, [Divry's Dictionary, 1988, p. 709]. 

Now, the Greek word TRIAKOSTON, rearranged letter-by-letter as "OTOSINKTAR", (where Greek letter K is also a replacement for Turkish letter C), is the anagrammatized form of the Turkish expression 
"OTUZINCIDIR" (OTUZUNCUDUR) meaning "it is the thirtieth". This decipherment verifies the correctness of what was shown under item b) above. 

Polat Kaya