Words under the lens: Greek Numeral names No.25 - Greek words related to number "fifty"

25.    Greek words related to number "fifty":

Greek word PENTEKONTA means "fifty", and PENTEKOSTOS means "fiftieth", [Divry's Modern English-Greek, Greek-English Dictionary, 1988, p. 762].

Turkish cardinal numeral for "fifty" is 
"ELLI" and for ordinal numeral "fiftieth" is "ELLINCI".

a)   This Greek word PENTEKONTA, rearranged letter-by-letter as "PENTE-KAT-ON", we have the Turkish mathematical expression 
"PENTE-KATI-ON", that is, PENTE x 10 = 50 where PENTE may be regarded as an unknown term to be determined.  Mathematically, PENTE = 50/10 = 5 which is verbally BEŞ in Turkish.  

Separately, under Item 7.  Greek words related to number "five", we had also found that PENTE was part of Greek words which were made up from Turkish expressions that used Turkish numeral name 
BEŞ Thus, Greek PENTE had obtained its meaning from Turkish cardinal numeral name BEŞ meaning "five".  This we can see clearly in items b), c) and d) below.

Thus, in building the Greek word PENTEKONTA, the Turkish mathematical expression 
"BEŞ KATI-ON" meaning "five-times-ten" has been used, rather than the Turkish cardinal numeral name "ELLI" meaning "fifty" 

Turkish word 
BEŞ means "five", KATI means "times, fold"ON means "ten". 

b)   Similarly, the Greek word PENTEKOSTOS, meaning "fiftieth", rearranged letter-by-letter as "PESS-KOTE-ONT", is an altered, restructured and Hellenized form of the Turkish mathematical expression 
"BEŞ KATI-ONDu" meaning "it is five-times-ten", that is, "it is fifty". We note that, in this case, Turkish expression "(BEŞ KATI-ON) UNCU", meaning "it is 'five-times-ten'th", has been altered down to "BEŞ KATI-ONDu" while Turkish ordinal numeral name "ELLINCI" has been avoided.

c)   Another "PENTE" related Greek word is the word PENTEKONTAETERIS meaning "fiftieth anniversary", [Divry's Dictionary, 1988, p. 638].

The Greek word PENTEKONTAETERIS, rearranged letter-by-letter as "PES-KATI-ONENTETER", is an altered, restructured and Hellenized form of the Turkish mathematical expression
"'BEŞ KATI-ON'INCITIR" (ELLINCIDIR) meaning "it is the 'five-times-ten'th", that is, "it is the fiftieth". Here, we get a perfect correspondence but in an expression referring to "fiftieth anniversary". 

d)    However, in the context of "fiftieth anniversary", we have another decipherment in Turkish. When the Greek word PENTEKONTAETERIS is rearranged as "PET-KATI-ON-SENETER", it is an altered, restructured and Hellenized form of the Turkish expression 
"BEŞ KATI-ON SENETIR" meaning "it is 'five-times-ten' years", that is, "it is the fiftieth year" or "it is fiftieth anniversary". 

Turkish word 
ELLI means "fifty", ELLINCI means "fiftieth"ELLINCIDIR means "it is the fiftieth",  SENE means "year" 

Polat Kaya