Words under the lens: Greek Numeral names No.32 - Greek words related to number "three hundred" (revised)

32.    Greek words related to number "three hundred":

Greek word TRIAKOSIOI means "three hundred"  and TRIAKOSIOSTOS means "three hundredth", [Divry's Modern English-Greek, Greek-English Dictionary, 1988, p. 762].

Turkish cardinal numeral for "three hundred" is 
"ÜÇYÜZ" and for ordinal numeral "three hundredth"(*) is "ÜÇ YÜZINCI" (ÜÇ YÜZÜNCÜ).

a)    The Greek word TRIAKOSIOI, meaning "three hundred", rearranged letter-by-letter as  "ORI-KATI-IOS", where letter R can be taken as a down shifted letter S, [see Caesar Cipher encryption), thus, making the decipherment "OSI-KATI-IOS". In this form, we see that the Greek cardinal numeral name TRIAKOSIOI is the altered, restructured, Hellenized and disguised form of the Turkish expression 
"ÜÇ KATI YÜZ" meaning "three times hundred" which makes "three hundred". This is also verified under item b) below.  'ÜÇYÜZ' is the cardinal numeral name in Turkish for cardinal numeral 'three hundred'. In this Greek anagram of the Turkish expression "ÜÇ KATI YÜZ", not only the Turkish numeral name ÜÇ has been dropped and/or altered, but also the Turkish source expression has been garbled.  

Alternatively, since the rearranged form "ORI-KATI-IOS" (i.e., "ORI KATI YÜZ" in Turkish), is a mathematical expression being equal to 300, because it represents Greek TRIAKOSIOI meaning "three hundred", the term "ORI" is an unknown term which can be determined mathematically in the expression "ORI times 100 = 300".  This gives ORI a value of 3 which is 
"ÜÇ" in Turkish.  This again shows that the Greek cardinal name TRIAKOSIOI has been actually made up from Turkish expression "ÜÇ KATI YÜZ" meaning "three times hundred", that is, "three hundred". 

Turkish word 
ÜÇ means "three", KATI means "times, fold", YÜZ means "hundred".

b)    In the case of the Greek ordinal numeral name TRIAKOSIOSTOS, meaning "three hundredth", the decipherment is as follows:  The name TRIAKOSIOSTOS, rearranged letter-by-letter as "OS-KATI-IOSSOTR" is the altered, restructured, Hellenized and disguised form of the Turkish mathematical expression 
"ÜÇ KATI YÜZCÜDüR" (ÜÇ KATI YÜZünCÜDüR) meaning "it is 'three times hundredth'" which makes "three hundredth". Turkish ordinal numeral name 'ÜÇ YÜZÜZÜNCÜ' is the name for ordinal numeral 'three hundredth'. We note that the Turkish infix IN, ÜN corresponding to English "th" suffix has been dropped in the Greek anagram. 

We also note that the decipherment "OS-KATI-IOSSOTR" of the name TRIAKOSIOSTOS, also embodies the term "OS KATI IOS" which is the alienated form of the Turkish expression 
"ÜÇ KATI YÜZ" meaning "three times hundred", that is, "three hundred". This verifies what I explained under item a) above. 

Turkish word 
ÜÇYÜZÜNCÜ means "three hundredth".

Polat Kaya


(*) Note:  An error was discovered in the previous posting of this writing. By mistake, "two hundredth" was written where it should have been "three hundredth". Hence, this corrected version was reposted. Thank you Kamil for pointing out the error to me.