Words under the lens: Greek Numeral names No.35 - Greek words related to number "six hundred"

35.    Greek words related to number "six hundred":

Greek word EXAKOSIOI (EKISAKOSIOI), (where X =  ξ), means "six hundred", and EXAKOSIOSTOS (EKISAKOSIOSTOS) means "six hundredth", [Divry's Modern English-Greek, Greek-English Dictionary, 1988, p. 762]. Greek letter ξ (X) is transcribed as "KIS". 

Turkish cardinal numeral for "six hundred" is 
"ALTIYÜZ" and for ordinal numeral "six hundredth" is "ALTI YÜZiNCi" (ALTI YÜZÜNCÜ).

a)   Greek word EXAKOSIOI (EKISAKOSIOI), meaning "six hundred", rearranged letter-by-letter as "IKI-KEI-OS-IOS-A" or "IKI-KES-OI-IOS-A", is the altered, restructured, Hellenized and disguised form of the Turkish mathematical expression 
"IKI-KEZ ÜŞ YÜZ O" ("IKI-KEZ ÜÇYÜZ O") meaning "it is two times three hundred" or  "it is six times hundred", that is, "six hundred" which is the cardinal numeral "ALTIYÜZ" in Turkish. One of the letter Z’s in the original Turkish text has been dropped for disguise.

Turkish word 
iKi means "two", 
 means "three",  
 means "fold, times", 
 means "six" which is another way of saying Turkish cardinal numeral ALTI that means "six", 
 means "three hundred", 
 means "it is", 
 means "six hundred" 
 means "six", and   
 means "six hundred".

It must be noted that the Turkish numeral 
ALTI has not been used directly, but rather, it been replaced with the Turkish mathematical term iKi-KEZ-ÜÇ, that is, "2x3" =6". Thus, the use of Turkish cardinal numeral name ALTI has been avoided. 

b)   The Greek ordinal name EXAKOSIOSTOS (EKISAKOSIOSTOS), meaning "six hundredth", rearranged letter-by-letter as  "IK-KES-OS-IOSSOTA", is the altered, restructured, Hellenized and disguised form of the Turkish expression 
"iKi-KEZ ÜÇ YÜZCÜDÜ" meaning "it is two-times-three hundredth" or "it is six-hundredth". This mathematical expression in Turkish is another way of saying ALTIYÜZÜNCÜDÜ meaning "it is six hundredth".  Again we note that not only the Turkish infix IN, ÜN corresponding to the suffix "th" has been dropped but also additional linguistic wrapping has been done in order to disguise the Turkish source text used in fabricating this Greek ordinal numeral name.

Turkish word 
YÜZCÜDI is a shortened form of Turkish YÜZÜNCÜDI which means "it is hundredth", ALTI means "six" and ALTIYÜZÜNCÜ means "six hundredth".

Thus, we see that these Greek cardinal and ordinal names have also been made up from Turkish expressions that have been restructured and disguised!

Polat Kaya