About the Name "VIKINGS"


About the name “VIKINGS”:

1. The Vikings are regarded as “North Germanic” explorers, warriors, merchants, and pirates who raided, traded, explored and settled in wide areas of Europe, Asia and the North Atlantic islands …”,http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ Vikings.

Vikings were the native “non-Indo-European” ethnic elements of central, northern and eastern “European” lands which have always been part of the Continent of Asia rather than a separate continent. In my view, they are the root people of all so-called “Indo-European” Europeans. They have been in 
ScandinaviaGreat BritainIreland, the Iberian Peninsula and the rest of Medieval Europe and Anatolia. As the link at http://theceltsat.blogspot.ca/ 2010/08/ northern-scandinavian-tribes.ht ml states clearly: “In studying the Scandinavian people, I came to the understanding many things that most modern day pagans miss, at one time the Celts, Scandinavians and other Europeans were all one people originally.” And that is what I also say - and I further say that they were Turanian Tur/Turk/Oguz peoples! 

3. The so-called “Germanic peoples” are defined as peoples who are, or are related to speakers of so-called “Germanic language”. The term “Germanic” referred to native Turanian “tribal” groups who were alienated from their original Turanian selves by way of Christianization, Romanization and “Aryanization”. Those missionaries of the Christian church establishment of the ancient “Black-Magicians” and their politically motivated collaborators of Roman and Hellenic and other Aryan rulers not only exterminated them at the opportune times, but also vilified them endlessly and regarded them as “barbaric and less civilized” people as compared to themselves.

The term “Germanic” is a concocted term which has been used to describe the Christianized native “Celtic” peoples, that is, the so-called “Gallaic, Celtici, Celtica” or the “Galatians” of ancient Europe. Romans used this term during the Aryanization and Christianization of the native Gallic tribes that covered most of 
Europe during the “pre-Roman” times. The term GERMANIC, deciphered as “MEN-GARCI”, is the altered, Romanized and disguised form of the Turkish expression “MEN GARACI” meaning “I am Black believer”. Thus the original “AL GÜN”, that is, the “Red Sun-God” believing native Turanians of Europe, after Christianization, became “BLACK” believing “Germanics” Europeans. Additionally, the Turkish saying “MEN GARACI” (MEN ÇİNGENE) also means “I am gypsy, I am wanderer”. Thus, by changing the appellation of these native Turanians, the so-called GALATEANS (CELTS) who normally built castles on mountain tops all over Europe, now became “wandering Gypsies” just like the “Black Magicians” themselves were originally! This is called “Christianization and Aryanization” by way of altering names, language, religion and the culture of native peoples. Thus, so-called “Germanic peoples” were such "processed" ancient native Turanians Tur/Turk/Oguz peoples of Europe.

I must also note that when the name CELTICA (CELTIC, CELTS, KELTIC) is deciphered as “GALECITI”, I find that the term CELTICA is actually the altered and reconstructed form of the Turkish word “GALECİDİ” meaning “He is castle builder”! 

So, the “Indo-European” appellation is a false term that has been used to describe the ancient Turanian natives after they were Romanized, Aryanized and Christianized and whose languages were plundered and altered to come up with new "European" languages. 

4. Coming back to the name VIKINGS and its etymology, we have the following information from the link at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ Vikings#Weapons_and_warfare
“Other chroniclers of Viking history include Adam of Bremen, who wrote "There is much gold here (in 
Zealand), accumulated by piracy. These pirates, which are called Wichingi by their own people, and Ascomanni by our own people, pay tribute to the Danish king" in the fourth volume of his Gesta Hammaburgensis Ecclesiae Pontificum.”

In plain English, the above says that the so-called “Vikings” were called WICHINGI in one hand and ASCOMANNI in the other. These names are very enlightening in the context that when we decipher them into Turkish, we get the following new information. First I note that the letter W is a replacement for letters UU or VV or YY or UV, UY, VY combinations as needed. Say with W = UU, word WICHINGI becomes UUICHINGI. When UUICHINGI is deciphered as “GUNCHI-UII”, then, UUICHINGI is the altered and restructured form of the Turkish name “GÜNÇİ ÜYİ” (GÜNCÜ EVİ) meaning “House of Sun believers”. And that is what these ancient Turanians were religiously in “
Scandinavia before their name was altered and before they were Aryanized! 

Similarly, the second name ASCOMANNI, deciphered as “AS-COMAN-NI”, is the Turkish expression “AS CUMANLI” meaning “One KUMAN People” (one Kipchak people, One Kipchak Turks). Turkish word AS means “one”, CUMAN (COMAN) is another name of the KIPCHAK Turks and suffix NI is a form of the Turkish suffix LI meaning “with”. 

I should even state that when we decipher the name 
SCANDINAVIA, as “SACANIN-AVIDA”, we find that it is the Turkish saying “SAKANIN EVİDİ” meaning “it is the House of SAKA (Turks)SAKA Turks were the “sea going Turks”, that is, “the Sea People, the DENIZHANS” of ancient Turanians.

With all of these explanations, I say with confidence that the so-called “Vikings” were ancient Tur/Turk/Oguz peoples who not only settled all over Europe, but also went overseas to all kinds of distant lands and also, in this case, to the American continents thousands of years earlier than the famed Christopher Columbus!

With my best wishes to all,

Polat Kaya


13/April/2013 (Revised)