"Turkish culture was older than culture of Europe"

Sayin Arkadaslar,

Avrupa Birligine ne pahasina olursa olsun girmek isteyen Turkiye ile
çikan bir haberi kendi yorumumla sizlerle paylasmak istedim. 


Polat Kaya


According to a news report that appeared in turkishpress.com daily
news, French President Mr. Jacques Chirac is quoted as saying that
"Turkish culture was older than culture of
Europe and that Turkey
was a European country" (see news report below).

If the news report is correct, then a European leader has, probably
for the first time, said the truth about Turkish culture being older
than the culture of
Europe. This is a fact that is very rarely if
ever brought to the surface by the Europeans and one that most Turks
have somehow forgot. The platform on which the EU game is
being played with respect to the Turks is not a fairly balanced one. 
On one side sit the Europeans who know what they have got from the
ancient and the recent Turkish world in terms of culture and language
which they keep as a tightly guarded secret, and on the other side
there are the present day Turks who do not know just how much of their
ancestors' culture have been taken over by the Europeans.

Mr. Chirac is right in saying that Turkish culture is older than the
culture of
Europe. This he says most likely because he knows that
before the ancestors of the present day "Europeans" became Europeans,
the aboriginals of
Europe were the Turkic speaking Tur peoples who
were all over ancient
Europe and everywhere around the so-called 
Mediterranean Sea". They somehow became eliminated from the
surface of
Europe by way of cultural assimilation, and when that was
not possible then by way of annihilation. Surely many Europeans 
must know this fact, although they would not readily admit it. On 
top of that, some Europeans, that is at least some peoples within the 
religious circles know that their culture does not sit on the top of
the so-called Greek and Latin cultures alone, but rather the much
older culture of the ancient Turkic world, contrary to the
pronouncements of the "learned" establishments. The European culture
is most certainly based on the ancient Turkic culture of Tur 
Sumerians, Masarians (i.e., the so-called "Egyptians", a term that is
incorrect and intentionally misleading), Sakas (Pelasgians), Ay-Hans
(ancient Yunans, Ions), Kün-Hans (ancient Phoenicians) and ancient
Anatolians, if not the culture of the much recent Turkic world such as
the Ottoman Turks and others. 

Most people do not know Turks truly because they have been fed an
endless barrage of disinformation about the ancient world -
particularly the Turkic world, by the Europeans who are experts in
generating such material. When the deceptions are repeated over and
over for so-long, then those deceptions become the "truth" in the
minds of people. But as facts related to ancient Turkic world come to
daylight, surely some truth loving Europeans will realize the
truthful identity of the real Tur/Turk peoples and their very deep
rooted ancient culture. Until these ancient facts become known by the
people of both sides, the platform on which the EU game is being
played will remain a slippery surface that is biased against the 

After noting Mr. Chirac's comment regarding the Turkish culture, I am 
also hopeful that eventually some other Europeans will also come 
forward and admit that European languages are all artificially
manufactured from the Turkish language by way of anagrammatizing -
which is another tightly guarded secret. It is also hoped that if
Turks get into the European Union as an equal member (rather than as
a second class member) with the others, they should make certain that
they will not be assimilated as their Tur ancestors of Europe were
assimilated by the late coming Indo-Europeans. Losing the Turkish 
language and Turkishness of Turkish peoples would not only be the end 
of the Turkic world, but also a great loss for the world itself. In 
this regard the onus is on the Turks to protect their self identity. 
From the European point of view, it is an old habit to assimilate 
others and such a habit does not die away so readily, hence they will 
do it again, particularly when Turks are giving the impression that 
they are ready for integration into
Europe and even, perhaps
unintentionally, giving the impression that they may not mind 
eventual assimilation. 

Mr. Romano Prodi, the Chief of The European Union Commission has said
that the EU must be a "Super Power" and for that reason it is
important for EU to be with one voice (see news item below). It is
possible that Mr. Romano Prodi and/or his successors may even bring in
a unilanguage statehood policy for the "New Roman Empire" or a "United
States of Europe" in which a minority
Turkish Province of Anatolia may
face total assimilation. The Greeks and Romans have done such
assimilation of ancient Turkic peoples of
Anatolia, in the past,
surely they can do that again. This would mean the obliteration of
the Turkish language. Once the Turkish language is gone, then there
is no more Turkic world nor Turkic peoples probably for a long time to
come. Turks should be aware of this possibility at all times. On the
surface it seems that unification of Turks with
Europe is like the
unification of white with black. One can work wonders with "white"
and "black" in combination, provided that the "black" does not
sneakily take over the "white", whereupon everything would be dark.

Nowadays the European politicians are talking about giving "a date 
for date" to the Turks. A concept of this nature, i.e., giving the
Turks a "date for a date" is a part and parcel of EU's con game. 
That is, play coy with the Turks, and/or play hard-to-get with the 
Turks, give the Turks false hope from one side of the mouth and 
take it away from the other side, make the Turks want it all the 
more while the EU boosts the price up by demanding more concessions 
from the Turks ... etc. This is simply the old game of supply and 
demand. The more the Turks want to get into the EU, the higher the 
price becomes. Yet the EU knows fully well that they will be
better off when the Turks finally join. It is hoped that the Turks 
will realize that what the EU is offering right now is a very
expensive almost empty bag. The Turks should examine what is in 
the bag very carefully and be prepared to walk away if necessary.
After all, even entering into the customs union with
unconditionally almost dried up the Turkish economy in a short time as
Europeans sold more to the Turks than bought from them.

With best wishes to all,

Polat Kaya


Turkishpress.com daily news
Thursday, December 05, 2002

Turkey's Membership Will Have Many Benefits To E.U.

Anadolu Agency:
Thursday, December 05, 2002

STORKOW - Oger Tours Executive Board Chairman Vural Oger attended on
Wednesday the meeting between German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder and
French President Jacques Chirac.

Following the meeting, Oger told reporters that
Turkey's membership
would have many benefits to the European Union (EU). Oger said,
Turkey's EU membership is very important to solve future crises
because future crises will occur between the western countries and
radical forces in Islam countries. The EU has to admit
Turkey if it
wants to become a political power."

Association agreement was signed by the German Christian Democrat
Union Party (CDU) government in 1963, Oger noted. Oger said, "the EU
will become a political power together with
Turkey and will save
itself from shadow of the
United States." Stressing that EU accession
was Turkey's national policy, Oger noted that he explained Chirac 
Turkey's importance and the important role it could play in 
structuring of the EU as a Muslim country. Oger pointed out that 
Chirac was positive towards
Turkey's EU membership but said that this 
could take time. He noted, "I believe that a more positive decision 
can be given for
Turkey after this meeting." Schroeder was supporting
Turkey's EU membership, Oger said and added that German government
could exert more efforts for
Turkey's EU membership if there was not
any state elections in February. There was not such problem in
Oger stated. Oger pointed out that the two leaders were positive
Turkey's EU membership and said, "conservative circles are
against it. The ruling parties do not want to take voters against
them but,
Turkey will continue its path in Europe."

Noting that Chirac and Schroeder stressed that
Turkey's EU path was
long, Oger said that even "date for a date to start entry talks"
would be a positive step.

Oger stated, "it seems that
Germany's thesis is a date for a date.
The reason is the state elections. Chirac does not have such a 
Germany has concerns about free movement." Vural Oger quoted 
Chirac as saying that Turkish culture was older than culture of 
Europe and that Turkey was a European country.


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