A documentary about Huns, Vandals and Goths

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Dear b_c_n_2003 Members,

Recently I watched a historical documentary about The Huns, Vandals
and Goths on a channel called the History Channel. It was fascinating
and a pleasant eye opener for me because it related in no uncertain
terms the things that I have been saying. Here is a summary of what
was said in the documentary.


- program was entitled "The Secrets of the Dark Ages".

- a search of our elusive ancestors the Barbarian Huns, Vandals
and Goths.

- the Romans were so threathened by the Barbarian culture that they
basically removed them from history.

- the Romans, however, were not able to disguise the mausoleum
of the famed Ostrogoth king Theoderic in Reanna, Italy. It was a
replica in stone of the Barbarian YURT design. The mausoleum was
built from large stones without using mortar.

{My Note: "Ostrogoth" must be an anagrammatized form of the Turkic
phrase "Oguz-Tur-Ata" as it is apparent from the name. Also, the
name "mausoleum" is anagrammatized from the Turkic phrase
"MA AUS ÖLÜ ÖYÜM" ("Ma Oguz ölü öyüm") meaning "My Magnificent-
Oguz Tomb" or "My Magnificent-Oguz House of death." Another
equivalent Turkic name for this is the phrase "MEZARUM" meaning
"my tomb". . Similarly, the name "Mosque" is from Turkic
"Ma-Oguz-Koy" meaning "Magnificent-Oguz Village", that is,
"Oguz religious village". Of course, Oguz is the ancient Turkic
Sky-God (i.e., the Sun) and represents the East. This is in line
with the Ostrogoths representing the Eastern Goths. Some
people think that the word "God" comes from the word "Goth".}

- books tell us that Barbarians created a time of darkness and chaos
but this is simply not the truth.

- the antropologist author of the program says: "I believe we owe
much more to Barbarians than we realize".

- the presentation of Huns as the Hell's Angels of History is no more
than Roman propaganda.

- why was their legacy hidden so long, that is, for 1500 years?
the Romans were so threathened by the Barbarian culture that they
erased them from history. Therefore we are ignorant about them.

- mosaic pictures done on walls with the use of colored stone chips,
marbles and even glass chips in which gold leaf was inserted were
also done by the Barbarians contrary to the "knowledge" that only
Greeks and Romans did it. In the palace of Theoderic in Reanna,
his portrait in mosaics were totally obliterated and in their place
the picture of Justinian and curtains were made. This way Barbarian
history was erased from ancient Barbarian monuments and hence from
history. The public was conned into believing that only the Greeks
and Romans did such an art form.

- Hadrian's Wall in England was not built by Romans contrary to our
teachings. It was the Barbarians that built it. It is 20 feet high
and 70 miles long using the Barbarian construction technique.
Hadrian's Wall in ancient England was a division of the Roman Land
and the Barbarian land.

{My note: contrary to given misinformation, house building, village
(aul, köy) building, city building, building stone walls, aquaducts,
monuments, etc. are the works of ancient Turanian peoples after they
spread all over the world. Depending on the availability of the
construction materials, they built all kinds of structures with all
kinds of materials, including Yurts.}

- the builders left their fingerprints in the construction of
Wall. The Barbarian composite bow was left behind in part and

{My note: The composite bow is the double bent Turkic bow which
western historians have done their best to portray as being made by
"Persians" rather than the Turs/Turks. Statuettes belonging to
Etruscans have been found showing horsemen turned backwards with
their composite bow fully drawn ready to shoot an arrow. This is a
totally Turkic culture denied to the Turks by the historians.}

- Atilla the Hun,the scourge of God was the foremost Barbarian talked

- Huns spoke "Turkish like" language.

{My note: it seems that saying "Turkish" is much more difficult than
saying "Turkish-like".}

- Many Barbarians were in the Roman army.

- Barbarians were intentionally portrayed as ignorant savages who knew
nothing but destruction. Nothing can be further from the truth.
This was Roman propaganda. I am convinced that they were as
civilized and as complex as any other people. They brought
different values and a system of justice.

{My note: propaganda still goes on.}

- All information written about the Romans and their allies were
by Romans. Hence it was a one sided story.

- Romans adopted the Barbarian technology from the East. Bow and
was an icon for the Huns. Hun kings had golden bows made for them
as a status symbol.

- program shows the Hun expeditions from Central Asia wave after wave
all the way to Karpat mountains in Hungary and then splitting into
branches. One group following the east of Karpat mountains into the
Balkans and the other following the north of Karpats into the heart
of Europe (i.e., Germany and all the way to France).

(My note: The name German is derived from Turkic phrases "aGa-ER-
"GOR-MAN" (Kor-Man), "KÖR-MAN" that is the name of the trinity
Sky-God of the ancient Turanian religion; and similarly "ALMAN"
meaning the "RED-MAN" describing the name of Sun-God in Turkish.
This is in accordance with the ancient Turanian name giving
tradition after the name of Gök-Tengri the SUN. It seems that
Germans have more Turkic blood in their sytem than is known.
German Opera Composer Great Richard Wagner knew this fact
better than most and celebrated this fact in his great Operas. Some
people did not like it.}

- Shows a YURT of Barbarians from Central Asia and the technique of
shooting arrows on a running horse. The person portrayed in the
program wants to get closer to his Barbarian past. He can do that
better if knows how to shoot arrows on a running horse.

{My note: In 1988, I wrote the description of a national sport/game
using the ancient Turkish technique of shooting backwards to a
target on a running horse as a national sport to be taken to the
Olympiads I called the game by the name "AKINCILAR YARISMASI."
It was published in the "Türk kültürü Dergisi", Sayi 298 ((Subat
1988). I sent the description of the game with a letter to Kültür
Bakanligi in 1992 to be developed as a national sport. They sent
MÜDÜRLÜGÜ in Ankara (letter: B.02.1.gsm. Bin Fed.
BSk. S-9/342 sayi and dated 26/31/1992). After so many letters,
and one personel visit by myself to Gençlik ve Spor Gelel
nothing came of it. Probably, it is now lost forever. Now others
are trying to develop it as a sport while we are in a deep sleep!
Thus it will be another lost culture for the Turks.}

- Rhine River was used as a natural barrier by the Romans against the
Barbarians. For that purpose, Romans kept an inland navy along the
Rhine River. But Barbarians past the river during the winter when
the river froze.

- A most interesting archeological find was the the discovery of
"elongated skuls" belonging to Huns in Austria. A child's skull was
bandaged during infant years to make the skull grow in an elongated
way. This was a HUN tradition. Huns were powerful people and
wanted to be like the Huns.

{My note: elongated skulls are also known to be among the Cananites
("Kün-Hans", Phoenicians). Similarly deformed skulls were also in
among the MAYA people of South America. So this ancient Turanian
tradition was carried to many other places by the Tur/Turk

- They were amazed that the Barbarians could work such wonderful
ornamental objects out of gold.

{My note: The historical misinformation is that the magnificent
Iskitian (Saka) gold objects were commissioned to the Greeks or
other Europeans. This disinformation is intented to obliterate the
ancient Turkic ingenuity, skills and creativity. The public has
fed such lies as if they were the absolute truths of history.
Misinformation/disinformation is one of the most effective tools to
change history in any direction one wants.}

{My note: The program dwelled considerably on the the Ostrogoth
King THEODERIC which caused my curiosity. I did a little search.
The name of the father of Theoderic was THEUDEMIR and His mothers'
name was ERELIEVA. Both of these names are Turkic. Theudemir is
very much Turkish because of the fact that "DEMIR" is used as man's
name in many forms, such as Aydemir, Gökdemir, Pakdemir, etc.
His mother's name being "ERELI-EVA" is also Turkic because the stem
ERELI is Turkic. The letter V is a bogus letter(anagrammatized) and
is the same as letter Y. Hence the name has been changed from
ERELIYA to ERELIEVA. ERELIYA is very much like the name ALIYE,
ASIYA, etc. By changing Y to V, it becomes "Slavized" (e.g.,
NURIEVA). Hence we see another form of obliterating the identity of
a nation and its members. Suddenly a Turkic person becomes a Slavic
person simply by changing one letter in the name. Very effective!.}

I want to finish by saying that if you get the chance to see this
most interesting historical documentary prepared by an anthropologist,
you should make a point of watching it. It is a real eye opener
particularly for historians and linguists and the doubters of lies
that have been fed to the public as truth.

Polat Kaya